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Tile Removal

Are you looking to refurbish your floors and/or walls with new tiles? Then you will need to work through tile removal first. With tile removal, there is a chance that you can do it yourself with the right tools. However, there is also the damage to consider before and when working on removing tiles. Some of the damages that would result in tile removal include: cracks, loosened tiles, stains, fading, discolouration of the grout, and damages, with normal wear and tear.

Having this in mind; even with the right tools, you may need to contact a professional instead. Not only will this reduce any more chance of damage and any further renovation, but you will also find less hassle with the process. Mitcham Tiling can offer this and more with our services if you would be interested to learn more.

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How Tile Removal Works

You would think that the process of removing tiles is simple enough but there is more to the process than taking out old tiles and installing new ones. One of the general first steps is to ensure that all built-in furniture is removed. This is to ensure there is less dust gathering, something that a professional service like Mitcham Tiling.

Removing the baseboards/ trim
If there is no installed furniture to be removed, the general first step is to remove the trim or whatever is holding the tiles together. This involves the mortar being sawed, hammered, and chipped away, which reduces a significant portion of it to coarse dust. By choosing to have a service remove the trim, you can have specialized tools that can lessen the hassle of the process.

Removing the tiles by breaking the first tile with the edge of a hammer and a chisel to pick up the tile’s remainder
The first steps are what you may consider the setup and clearing stage before the actual process begins. When breaking the first tile, a hammer and chisel are generally the best tools to reduce any damage. Once the first tile is removed, a chisel is used against the bottom edge of the adjacent tiles and then a hammer lifts the tile. While it may sound simple, you get a lower chance of damage and cleaner removal with professionals.

Remove the underlayment of the tile
Should there are any underlayments, this is usually what is removed next. Underlayments are typically placed before laying a tile to give it an extra hold to the tile upon application. They have generally removed the same way a tile is.

Cleaning of the subfloor
The final step to any tile removal is cleaning the subfloor. This generally involves removing any remaining adhesive with specialized tools and solutions. Any grout residue is removed with a chisel, and uneven surfaces are smoothened. You can consider this as the initial start for the installation of new tiles.

Even when you are aware of the steps and the tools you can use to the job itself, there are different advantages to having a professional service do your tile removal. At Mitcham Tiling, you can different benefits in choosing us as your tiling service.

Why Work With Mitcham Tilers For Your Tile Removal?

We at Mitcham Tiling offer a professional tiling service with reliable workers and prompt results. More than having a variety of options for a customer to choose from, we offer a number of services that can be applied to your chosen space. Whether it be installing a splashback for your kitchen or consulting on which tile would work best for you, we at Mitcham Tiling aim to deliver quality service.