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Outdoor Tiling

Tiling and outdoor space is a considerably different experience when compared to indoor tiling. When tiling an outdoor space, the main thing to consider is what elements it would be exposed to and what type of space it would be installed in. Usually, outdoor tiles are for spaces like pools where a non-slip outdoor tile would be needed. Other times, outdoor tiling would be applied to a balcony space that faces heavy weather conditions. 

With outdoor tiling, there is also a difference in preparation for the installation. Ground prepping and levelling is something that needs to be done even before installation can even be considered. If an outdoor tile is placed on a poorly placed foundation, there is a high likelihood of them cracking, breaking, or moving sooner rather than later. While there are more things to consider when it comes to installing outdoor tiles, there are also different benefits to garner from it.

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Advantages of Outdoor Tiling

As stated, outdoor tiling is versatile in function and involves tiles that are meant to stand against different weather conditions. Whether it be a non-slip tile for your pool space or a durable tile to high traffic, pressure, and other elements, outdoor tiling can provide a variety of options for durability and aesthetic appeal. In addition to this, you’ll find that outdoor tiles are relatively low in maintenance.

A few thighs are advised to clients when they want their outdoor tiles to stand the test of time. When it comes to cleaning their tiles, it’s good to powder wash their new tiles regularly and use a high-quality material finish to ensure they retain that fresh and new-looking finish. Depending on its foundation, you may need to check the grouting every once in a while for any possible accumulation of water or dirt. These generally depend on how the tiles were installed and onto which space.

Other than this, you will be assured that professionals will deliver a quality installation for your outdoor tiles. On that note, you will find that the installation of outdoor tiles takes less time than installing indoor tiles. This is usually due to the layout of the ground and the design of the tiles. A basic summary you’ll find with different tiles used for outdoor spaces is that they are temperature shock-proof, has low water absorption, and a textured, anti-slip surface.

While they may have these specifics, you’ll find that outdoor tiles, like regular tiles, have a wide palette of colours, grades and textures to choose from. Outdoor tiles tend to have a coarser nature. Because of this, natural stone, wood, mosaic, concrete, or pavements are some of the more popular choices of tiles for outdoor spaces. Plus, with these types of tiles, you can have a natural outdoor look without having a compromised material.

Why Have Mitcham Tiling Work On Your Outdoor Tiling

Mitcham Tiling offers a professional tiling service with a variety of options at a prompt delivery with reliable specialists. If you are looking for something that is budget-friendly but can still give a stylish look, you will find we have a number of materials available to help achieve this. You can be assured that we will deliver prompt service and if needed, you can consult with us on what would work best for your tiling needs.