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Kitchen Tiling

The kitchen has one of the highest foot traffic and is most prone to wear and tear. When considering a renovation for this space, you will need to consider quality materials for your floors and walls/countertops. With different tile options available both in type and design, you will need to choose a tile that is both durable and meets your design vision. If you are unsure of what works best for your space, there are services like Mitcham Tiling that you can consult with.

At Mitcham Tiling, you can be assured of a professional service with reliable workers and prompt service. More than this, we can provide a choice in different services while ensuring your kitchen space has the right tile fitted for it.

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Different Options and Types of Tiles For Your Kitchen

When choosing tile for your kitchen space, whether it be for the walls, floors, or countertops, there are different things to consider for each surface. When tiling walls or countertops, you’ll want a tile that can deal with anything that can cause wear and tear from things like high steam, spills, grime, dirt, etc. With a countertop though, you’ll need something that’s durable and heat-resistant. If you want to give your walls extra protection, a splashback is recommended.

Floors, on the other hand, have three points to check when choosing a tile. They need to be able to withstand frequent foot traffic, safe to walk on, and easy to clean. That’s why it would be best to pick tiles made from sturdy materials that are not prone to cracking or breaking with a matte finish or maybe even a slightly textured surface to prevent slipping. There are different tile options that can help achieve these and some are more popular than others.

One of the most popular choices for tiling your kitchen is ceramic tiles. This is mainly due to the fact that ceramic is a material that is both sturdy and comes in a multitude of shapes, textures, sizes, and colours. Another reason that ceramic is often chosen compared to other tiles is how budget-friendly it can be. You may consider this material for your walls and countertops but if you want it for your floors, you will need to ensure that it is not too glossy.

Porcelain is also a good choice if you want something sturdier and more stylish for space. Plus, you may mix in other types if you wish. While similar to ceramic, porcelain is non-porous, flexible, and weather-resistant. There are a variety of customizable tiles that you can go for and depending on your price range and what works best for your kitchen space, you can go for different styles while having practical materials.

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Setting up a splashback in your kitchen is a great way to protect your kitchen from occasional wear and tear. It helps protect your kitchen walls from the backsplash of liquids, such as oil and water when you cook. When you have a splashback, you no longer need to allot valuable time in scrubbing your walls because kitchen spills and splashes will be a lot easier to clean.

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If you want a contemporary way to spruce up your kitchen walls, you can designate a wall or two as your accent or feature wall/s. You can choose a unique design option for your feature walls to make them stand out.

Why choose Mitcham Tiling to Tile your Kitchen

We at Mitcham Tiling offer a professional tiling service with reliable workers and prompt results. More than having a variety of options for a customer to choose from, we offer a number of services that can be applied to your chosen space. Whether it be installing a splashback for your kitchen or consulting on which tile would work best for you, we at Mitcham Tiling aim to deliver quality service.