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Commercial Tiling

Commercial tiling is a service that mainly caters to commercial and business spaces and usually has tiles meant to handle intense usage/foot traffic. A myriad of choices are available for commercial tiles and some of the more popular options include porcelain, ceramic, concrete and saltillo. Depending on the style of the business, you may need to consult a professional on what tile type and design would work best on the space. 

Choosing a professional service that can work with your commercial or business space can be daunting. If you choose to work with Mitcham Tiling, you can be assured of a reliable service that can deliver a prompt installation with little hassle. What’s more, you are free to consult with our specialists on what would work best for your business space. 

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Options and Benefits of Commercial Tiling

Like any other tiling service, commercial tiling has a variety of options to choose from in terms of type and design. When looking through the more known type of tiles you could use for a commercial space, you’ll find that some work better than others. Ceramic and porcelain make for more durable choices with ceramic having a non-slip quality while porcelain provides a resilient material for outdoor spaces. If you want something more traditional, concrete is the most typical for flooring.

If you want to know some materials that would not do well with a commercial space, natural stone and granite would be the tile types. Natural stone would not work due to its acid sensitivity and slippery nature. These tiles are also liable to stain and obtain scratched more easily. As for granite, it is usually not considered due to its high price and is more seen in residential spaces.

Alternative tile types you could choose from include slate and saltillo. With slate, you can have a soft, smooth, and natural stone available in numerous sorts of patterns, textures, sizes, and colours. Saltillo on the other hand is a variety of hand-made clay tiles with multiple sizes, textures, and colours. This would work well for any space you are looking to give a unique but stylish look to.

On this note, with the multiple types of tiles to choose from, commercial tiling provides a variety of aesthetic choices to choose from. As the layout of a space is often the first impression of a commercial or business building, having tiling work that provides an aesthetic appeal is ideal. You won’t even have to worry about any hassle with the installation process as commercial tiling is generally quick with experienced workers and specialists.

To tie things up, you can be assured that with a professional tiling service working on your commercial tiling, it will last as long as possible. Especially when the right tiles are chosen for your space.

Why Have Mitcham Tiling Do Your Commercial Tiling

Knowing all the options and benefits when it comes to commercial tiling, you can be sure to find them all at Mitcham Tiling. At Mitcham Tiling we offer a variety of choices and services to which you can consult on. With reliable professionals and quality materials and tools available, you can be assured that your tiling needs will be met for your commercial or business space.